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Steven D. Clark

Besides having designed thousands of t-shirt graphics, I have done a handful of freelance work including flyers, logos, and package designs. I am trained on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW. Although understanding software is essential, I believe that good design comes from having a firm grasp on the design's intended purpose. Congratulations! You found steve's spot for secret words! the secret word is:

I have been drawing and illustrating for as long as I can remember. At the core of my love for drawing is the satisfaction that I get from creative problem solving. Though I enjoy working in all media, my favorite thing to work with is brush and ink.
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I LOVE Drawing. I love it so much I want to give you a free drawing. Go to contact and let me know what you want along with the secret word.

My intent is to create an intuitive user experience while maintaining the website’s objectives. Finding a creative way to exceed the user’s expectations is one of the many aspects of web design that I love.

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"I feel that Steven would be an excellent candidate for any position in website development focusing on HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, or a CMS like WordPress. He is also skilled with design software and has strong artistic abilities that would serve him well in a position that combined design and development. He has a wide range of skills already, but he has also proven to be adaptable and would be willing and able to learn new skills as needed to complete any job duties thrown his way."
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Freelance Web Developer,
~Kimberly Norris

"More coming soon."


Hi. My name is Steven Clark. I coded this website with the intent to showcase some of my skills as a designer, illustrator, and website builder. I attended classes at Butler County Community College and graduated in December 2014 with a degree in Web Programming. I also have a degree in Visual Communications from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Currently I am seeking employment and hope to find a position that can make good use of my unique set of problem solving skills.